Between The Rocks 

I managed to find an area that potentially could lead me to discoveries. The potential discoveries found in landscapes are part of a personal experience. An experience between the landscape and visualization at the time. For instance, following the rocks. The objects and shadows of humans walked in between the stones  were the trigger to move on. As I jumped on the rocks , I intuitively looked for details in surroundings. 

I saw a hole in a rock, an empty water bottle stuck in between the rocks and abstract shapes in rocks, which communicated with me by a poker face. The signs of weaknesses.

Unconsciously, my attention somehow was drawn to a piece of wood next to a small branch. I picked it up and placed it somewhere on the red leafs. Still, on the rocks. 

The signs of weakness dropped from their power leading me to see the water. 

Behind me, there was another branch on a rock, appeared unexpectedly and the waves sparkled in light. 

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